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Brianna Rooney

Founder & CEO

I'm Brianna Rooney, also known as The Millionaire Recruiter. With a strong passion for recruiting, I've successfully built multiple recruiting companies, had a successful exit and now I'm committed to helping others achieve the same level of success. Through The Millionaire Recruiter Program, I offer comprehensive training, mentorship, and tools to help you build a thriving recruiting agency. Let's connect and start building your own agency today!

  • Extensive experience in the trenches of recruiting, giving me firsthand knowledge of the challenges you may face.
  • Founder of TalentPerch, Thriversity, The Millionaire Recruiter, and Techees, providing a comprehensive solution to recruiting and sourcing.
  • Fast-track your success with my guidance and resources, creating a thriving recruiting agency.

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What exactly is The Millionaire Recruiter Program?

Your ticket to go from employee to CEO in 4 months

The Millionaire Recruiter is a comprehensive program designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch and scale their own successful million-dollar recruiting agencies.

Unlock your path to success with these exclusive benefits:

Training Videos

Gain the expertise, confidence, and resources you need to excel in the world of recruiting and unlock boundless opportunities for success.

  • Dive into a treasure trove of knowledge with over 100 training videos.
  • Unlock 12 hours of content designed to elevate your recruiting expertise.
  • Leverage 80+ worksheets and cheat sheets to boost your confidence and success.

Join us on this exciting journey and ignite your full potential as a recruiting powerhouse!


Our Recruitment Mastery Blueprints will guide you through the proven steps to launch and scale your own successful recruiting business, master LinkedIn to attract top-notch clients and candidates, and stand out as an influential brand in the industry.

  • Master the art of building an incredible LinkedIn presence, from optimizing your profile to engaging without being spammy.
  • Access proven Million Dollar Scripts for sales and outreach, equipping you with the tools to secure clients effectively.
  • Discover the secrets of the Authority Matrix to stand out in the marketplace and create an irresistible brand for your new business, including valuable content strategies and setting up your LinkedIn company page.

You don’t have to keep guessing which step to take next, with our blueprints, you'll have everything you need to build a thriving recruiting agency from the ground up.

Embrace success with confidence through our Happy Feet Guarantee.

Your success, our fun-tastic guarantee.

We're all about your success! Follow our Millionaire Recruiter Blueprint, embrace our coaching, and watch your dreams come true. If, by some crazy twist of fate, you're not insanely successful, we've got your back with a full refund. Take a leap with happy feet and let's make magic happen!

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We let success do the talking

"I'm a Candidate Consultant (Sourcer from the UK working in Education Recruitment. I started working in the industry in September of last year and I have been struggling to hit my targets which means that my probation will be extended by 3 months. However, I've been watching some of you videos which are really inspiring. They help guide me toward a better mindset and give me ideas of how to do tasks more effectively.I'm hoping I'll have success and pass my probation but even more so, I really want to enjoy the role even with its challenges."


"Literally thank you for all your content, it's helped me tremendously."


"I started my career with Brianna's guidance, all new recruiters do enjoy the content, its a real boost!"

Kevin Brazda

"Hi Brianna, I love your content. It has inspired and helped me grow as a recruiter. Thank you for all you do."

Christina Hagan

"Hi Brianna, lovely to meet you! I love what you're doing out here to elevate the recruiting game and would love to stay connected. Hopefully you'll see me in one of your courses in the near future. Cheers!"

Laura O'Neil

"Hey Brianna - Thanks for the connection. I have been working through your Millionaire Recruiter web series and love the content. Looking forward to learning more from you over LinkedIn!"

Nicholas Richardson

"Being a part of the TMRP program as a RecruitMate has been such a rewarding experience. Seeing entrepreneurs (or as we call them in the program, EntrepRecruiters) gaining the keys to their own success and building their own companies, in just a few months, is nothing short of amazing. By training and providing some of those skills for being a recruiter, I get to see the industry grown and continue the mission of changing the way the world views recruiting."


"At first I didn’t understand why the course was so expensive. Now I understand why. You have your whole team involved. I can’t believe how much content this in and how organized it is. I really feel I will be successful through you."


"I'm a huge fan of the podcast. Every Tuesday is a must for me to listen to a brand-new episode of Talent Takeover every Tuesday while I go on my spiritual walks. The podcast really resonates with me and a huge thanks to Taylor and Brianna for educating the masses on what a recruiter does and the importance of the position."


"Easy learning! Free Masterclass on boosting your resume and LinkedIn."


"Not being fake busy was the most impactful part of the masterclass. Knowing how to work smarter and hot harder and still seeing the results you want. Masterclass on boosting your resume and LinkedIn."


"I love the authenticity of the presenters and believe I can be a better recruiter because of them. Masterclass"


"As a working mom, I can’t waste time - Thriversity helped me achieve my career goals quicker by having high-quality resources and training all in one place and in a flexible time frame. Before starting the course, I made a career transition and entered Thriversity with little to no relevant recruitment experience. Not only did I learn the fundamentals, but I also learned specialized techniques from seasoned experts on how to excel in the industry…"


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