Ready to be the Next Millionaire Recruiter?

And Open up Your Own Recruiting Agency

If you are ready to open up your own recruiting agency NOW or within the next 1-3 months, make sure to apply for the 4-month program to see if you're ready to be the Next Millionaire Recruiter. Assuming you are ready, you will be directed to set up a call directly with me to answer any questions you have before you start. Spots are very limited so we can really focus on you and your success. Don’t miss your opportunity to confidently launch your own recruiting agency, make the money you have dreamed of, and start living "the life" by your own rules.

This program has an extremely higher value than its price! Contact us for more info!


The Next Millionaire Recruiter


Get LIFETIME access to one of Thriversity's full-cycle recruiting courses

This includes any updates I make along the way!

Two calls a week

Each week there will be two calls; one group call, so you can learn from your peers, and a dedicated 1:1 with me, an industry expert.

I Didn't Stop There! Why? Because I Want to Change the Way the World Views Recruiting!


Role play prep and live shadowing

Practice makes perfect!!! I will help you role-play to get comfortable, stepping into your new role. Once you are ready, I can shadow a candidate and potential client call to ensure your first try is successful.

Lifetime networking

Lifetime access to a Slack networking channel to collaborate with, ask questions, build relationships, and grow your recruiting IQ.


Help Setting Up Your Own Agency

We can help you set up your agency for success!

  • Review and help you build a high-profile Linkedin =$149 value
  • Review and help you build outreach sequences for clients and candidates= $567 value
  • We will help you build strategies on getting visibility for you and your new agency =$2,200 value
  • Content
  • How to be active on LinkedIn without looking spammy
  • Set up your LinkedIn company page

Monthly Masterclasses

Get a whole year of monthly Masterclasses for FREE!

Past topics:
How to up your response rate
Sending outreach can be daunting and feel like no one wants to work with you. Make sure your hard work is paying off. Join this Masterclass and up your response rate!

How to make a company a client
Where do you find potential clients? What outreach messaging works? Come to this Masterclass and leave with a great biz dev strategy to get more clients.

20% lifetime discount for the team you will build

There will come a time when you will need to expand your reach, and therefore you're team. We want to help you with this. We can:

  • Help you with interview questions to hire the best recruiters to build your business.
  • Take out the interviewing work. Let us interview your recruiters to narrow them down for you.
  • Training for your team.
  • Help you develop an onboarding process.

Have questions? Let's chat!